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A complete anti-wrinkles skincare must.

BIOTOPIX® is based on the use of a unique combination of four active peptides displaying a complete spectrum of activity on the causative factors of wrinkles:

For the first time, the unique formulation of BIOTOPIX® permits to combine active ingredients working at different levels:

• Stimulation of collagen production by fibroblasts.

• Strengthening of the structures of the dermal-epidermal union.

• Reduces wrinkles on the forehead and eyes caused by facial expression muscles.

• First results are visible after 15 days of treatment with BIOTOPIX®

• Improvement of collagen fibers was 60% after 3 months of use.

BIOTOPIX® is an advanced anti-wrinkles cream and the first dermo-cosmetic product tested and approved by plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the efficient treatment of wrinkles.
• Improves, completes and prolongs the effect of botulinum toxin and/or collagen injections.
• To-be-used by patients by whom Botulinum toxin injections are contra-indicated, or not willing to receive them.

* Significant improvement on cutaneous relief.
* Optimizes the structure and organization of the skin.
* Strongly reduces “expression lines”.

Mode of action
First minutes after applied BIOTOPIX®, suppress the unwanted muscular contractions naturally, and the action «BOTOX-like» effect feel on skin.

BIOTOPIX® was submitted before its launching to every existing toxicity and tolerance test and the results did not show any toxicity nor side effects, wich permits to use the product in complete safety, included on periocular areas.

Instructions for use
On a perfectly clean skin, apply and massage gently until the product’s complete penetration.
BIOTOPIX® must be applied twice a day, preferably morning and evening. Avoid concurrent use of another cream at the time of application. It is possible to use make up after applying BIOTOPIX®.

Duration of treatment
First results are visible after 15-days treatment with BIOTOPIX®. Two to three months are necessary to achieve optimal results. Then, BIOTOPIX® must be still applied in order to maintain the results previously achieved.

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Made in France.

Clinical Evidences
BIOTOPIX® was submitted to extensive clinical conducted in France, including one hundred fifty volunteers.
These studies were showing that BIOTOPIX® was able to:

  • Increase the skin suppleness.
  • Increase the skin tonicity.
  • Increase the skin firmness.
  • Reorganize the collagen bundles in dermis.
  • Increase cell cohesion in the skin.
  • Reduce the skin roughness.
  • Have a real and visible anti-wrinkles effect.
olunteer 73, Age 43, 1% SYN® – TACKS, 56 Days of treatment. Visible aspects are clearly improved, less wrinkles and better overall improved skin appearance.

Worldwide advs
BIOTOPIX® ADVANCED Cream, product presentation for professionals
in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. July 2021.


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