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BIOTOPIX® ADVANCED ANTI-WRINKLES SKINCARE is the result of long years of investigation in the field of peptide technologies.

BIOTOPIX® is an advanced anti-wrinkles cream and the first dermo-cosmetic product tested and approved by plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the efficient treatment of wrinkles.

• Improves, completes and prolongs the effect of botulinum toxin and/or collagen injections.

• To-be-used by patients by whom Botulinum toxin injections are contra-indicated, or not willing to receive them.

BIOTOPIX® ADVANCED is based on the use of a unique combination of four active peptides displaying a complete spectrum of activity on the causative factors of wrinkles; working at different levels:

• Stimulation of collagen production by fibroblasts.

• Strengthening of the structures of the dermal-epidermal junction.

• Reduces wrinkles on the forehead and eyes caused by facial expression muscles.

• First results are visible after 15 days of treatment with BIOTOPIX® ADVANCED

• Improvement of collagen fibers was 60% after 3 months of use.

Protect your skin and restore its natural beauty with BIOTOPIX® ADVANCED ANTI-WRINKLES SKINCARE

Made in France


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