E – Asia Derma Conference is an online event dedicated to Dermatologists and Aesthetic practitioners. This Virtual experience designed for the Asian Pacific region, but accessible across the world, will focus on education and knowledge sharing in the promotion of healthy skin. The platform will allow all stakeholders to easily interact, learn and present during this unique event.

As sponsor LSI would like to invite you to attend E-Asia Derma Conference on 1st to 3rd September 2021.

We participate on education and knowledge sharing in the promotion of healthy skin. You will be able to meet and talk with other participants to make connections internationally.

We are waiting for you on September 3, at the following time: 18:20 – 18:35, to learn about:

Keloid Scars, Rosacea, Melasma, Vitiligo, Stretchmarks: 5 Main Common Demands in Dermatology Practice

Conference by:
Dr. Christian Diehl, MD, Professor of Medical Dermatology University Guglielmo Marconi, Rome, Italy.

COVID-19 has impacted the way continuous learning and training are being conducted globally,
and online learning is the way moving forward. Dermatology and Aesthetics medical fields are no
exception either.
Dermatology is a rapidly evolving field of medicine and considering the recent development in
scientific and technological basic research of the skin, the fields of dermatology and aesthetics, we
need to stay relevant with these developments in our field. We need to work together, learn from
each other, and think of better solutions and approaches to advance the development and future
of dermatology.
The Online Scientific Conference will enable participants to interact amongst peers through
keynote presentations, exchange of ideas over debates / panel discussions and acquiring of new
skills. The virtual platform will provide opportunities for wider networking among dermatologists
and industry professionals in the related field regardless of geographic locations.
The theme for this year’s Conference is: “Staying Updated and Relevant in Dermatology through
a Pandemic”.
The Scientific Programme will be helmed by some of the best regional and international minds and
faculty experts in the medical and aesthetic dermatology. E- Asia Derma Conference promises 3
days full of comprehensive content, interesting dialogue, skills development opportunities, keynote
presentations and great insights.
E-Asia Derma Conference is the platform for continuous learning and networking
opportunities, where regional and international expertise will meet to address scientific
developments and new technologies in both medical and aesthetic fields of dermatology.

Don’t Miss Out the Opportunity to Network with the Top Skin Care Specialists, Industry Leaders and Key Decision Makers from different parts of the world.

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries, or visit our website for further details:


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