Introducing DERMANUTRIX® Hydrolyzed Drinkable Collagen.

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What is Collagen?

Collagen, fundamental base of the connective tissue, main protein that protects the joints and maintains a radiant skin with youthness.

Over the years our collagen decreases… and with the supplementary collagen achieves relief in joints and prevents aging.

We present DERMANUTRIX® Hydrolyzed Collagen from fish scales. Dietary supplement.

DERMANUTRIX® Drinkable collagen, a highly concentrated solution of collagen from fish scales, easy for use, and with a pleasant taste. Increases skin hydration by 28%.
Improves, rejuvenates skin condition and reduces wrinkle lines. Based on fish scale hydrolyzed collagen, which has demonstrated to be more effective than fish skin or bovine collagen.

DERMANUTRIX® Hydrolyzed Drinkable Collagen:

–       brings resistance and elasticity to the skin.

–       alleviates joint pain.

–       promotes the development of healthy bones.

Visible results after 15 days.

Starting treatment: 2 sachets per day during one month.

Maintenance: 1 sachet per day for at least 3 months.

Made in Switzerland.

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